CORONAVIRUS ALERT AND TRACING SYSTEM (CATS©)


Whereas, Dr. Julius J. Larry III, DDS;JD;MPH is the exclusive owner of the Coronavirus Alert and Tracing System (CATS©), Ashanti Gold Medical Group agrees to license its proprietary Contact Tracing System to




Health Department for a Licensing Fee of $10,000 per week for the said Health Department Supervisors to upload and contact  Cases and Contacts immediately utilizing the CATS© system and its own Contact Tracers. The system is cloud-based.  So, 100,000+ Cases may be contacted and alerted to isolate immediately.  Contacts are alerted to quarantine for 14 days.

****The new state -of- the- art CATS© system will be live --available September 1, 2020.


Demonstrations available upon request.


 Contact:  dr.juliusjlarry@yahoo.com

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